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Congrats Mimi! Obviously you haven’t been accepted as your first choice Pooh. You are terrible at all your characters and we all hate you. Haha, just joking babe. We all love you and the way you portray Meg, Fortuna and Ursula — you just bring them to life. And your writing skills are just on point babe. I’m so happy that you found another character that you love. We love you! Welcome to Walt! Please send the account in within 24 hours! 

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And just like that— our new theme is in place! Come in and leave us comments, compliments, or even apps if you’re feeling quiche. Two great apps ready for acceptance on Thursday so you’ve got all day today to get in on that sweet Disney action.

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Oliver  looks a lot like Tristan Evans. He is fifteen years old and currently a freshman at Walt Academy.

"Hey, what about me? What do I do?"





Oliver came from a group of six siblings. Made up for four boys and two girls. When Oliver was born, their mother couldn’t afford to take care of all six of them and tried to anyways. Despite the fact that the state told her if she did then they would take all six of them away from her. So when he was only a few weeks old, Oliver and his siblings were given up for adoption and placed in foster care. They were originally placed under the same roof. The state believing it was best for them. But eventually, they were split up and that left Oliver all by himself. Over time, he started running away from home. But one day his foster parents just never put him up as missing. Not that it bothered him. He could spend his time looking for his siblings. But days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Oliver started to lose hope of ever finding his brothers and sisters. Until one day when he came upon a school. He saw all of them! His siblings were right there! Except they were all happy..without him. So, Oliver decided that they were better off without him there.

Oliver spent his time on the streets of New York after that. Sleeping in alleyways, using newspapers for a blanket, stealing from whatever restaurant he could for food. Only up until he met Dodger. He was his ticket out of sleeping on the streets. Or at least that’s what he thought. For a while, Dodger taught him how to live and survive on the street. But when he told him he wasn’t allowed to follow him home, Oliver slept in the alleyway of a wealthy family instead. At least there would be quality food and items thrown out for him to use. The little girl of the family, Jenny, saw him when she was taking out the trash and brought him in. She convinced her parents to let him stay with them for a while but her older sister, Georgette, did not approve. The blonde hated Oliver on sight and made it perfectly clear that everything in that house belonged to her and that he did not belong there.

After weeks of being tormented by Georgette, Oliver ran away. But only because she taunted him to. She told him that Jenny didn’t really care about him and that she pitied him more than anything. Running away was his only option. He thought he was a charity case, a burden because that was what Georgette told him he was. So, he sought out Dodger once again and followed him home this time. That was when Fagins took him in. He couldn’t bare to see the young boy living like the rest of the teens he had taken in had before he gave them a roof. It wasn’t much and they were always struggling to eat and live but it was better than living in wealth when he wasn’t wanted around.Oliver was actually happy there. He made friends and felt welcome there. But his paradise soon came to an end when Dodger decided to mouth off to Sykes.The guy terrified Oliver and he didn’t know how Dodger could do that. But he did and with that got all of them sent away to school. But Oliver didn’t mind. He could actually get an education and have a roof over his head.

Interested in Oliver? Lucky for you he is OPEN!

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Heeeeeeey there Disnerds! I’ve officially finished editing our new theme and as soon as I finish manipulating a few of the navigation pages it’ll be ready to transfer onto the main page. Until then, I’d love to read some apps so you should definitely send them in and let us love you down.

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I'm working on my app for Ruffnut and I hope you don't mind that I really want Jena Malone to be her FC.

Not at all, sweetie! We have her done to be used anyways!I’m so excited to see your lovely app!

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go-xavierman asked —

Hey it's elke here...I was thinking of re-applying is that okay?

Of course Elke! All of us would love to have you back!!! 

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Are you planning to add Ruffnut from How To Train Your Dragon? If you are I would love to apply for her.

I’ve actually been considering it for a while now! If you want you can actually apply with her as an OC!

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