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Norman Babcock looks a lot like Jay Baruchel. He is 16 years old and currently a sophomore at Walt Academy. 

"I didn’t ask to be born this way…" 




Always pinned as the weird kid, it can go without saying that Norman has not had an easy life. He’s been teased and tormented his entire life. He’s a freak in the eyes of his peers and all because he likes things that are a little out of the norm. No pun intended. Norman likes horror movies but not just any; he likes zombie movies to be exact. Not only that but the poor kid has never been believed by anyone. When he told his parents that their house was haunted, they just shook their heads and sent their son off to a therapist. Needless to say, this was not good for Norman’s self esteem. Eventually, he just learned to shut everyone out and be by himself.

Once he hit high school, everything progressively got worse. He got tormented so bad that eventually, Norman just stopped trying to even make friends. No one wanted to be friends with the local freak show. At least no one normal anyways. Neil was nowhere near the average norm. As a matter of fact the boy harassed Norman until he finally gave up and accepted the awkward boys friendship. He was the only one who ever believed him about his knowing when a house was haunted and accepted his love for zombie movies. Soon enough the two became best friends. Even when a girl named Aggie threatened them, one always came to the other’s rescue.

Eventually, the two decided to skip school for the first time ever. But that turned out to be a very bad decision. Neil wanted to investigate when they heard a gun shot and Norman tried talking him out of it. Of course, the other boy won and off the two went down a dirt path where they found a dead man just laying there, freshly shot in the chest. When the gun was thrown at them they panicked and started playing a sort of game of hot potato with it. With their fingerprints all over it and the cops placing them as the murderers as well as their parents, Norman expected to be thrown in jail. But since they didn’t have a record, all that happened was being sent off to boarding school for hooligans. 

Interested in Norman? Fortunately for you he is OPEN!

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