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Claude Frollo looks a lot like Alan Rickman. He is 60 years old and currently teaches World Religions at Walt Academy. 

"It’s not my fault in God’s plan he made the devil so much stronger than the man." 




A man of great religious beliefs and faith, Claude Frollo has always been stubbornly set in his ways. Born and raised by a very religious family, he only saw things black and white. He went to a Christian school and went to church every Sunday. His parents were very strict and if he were to do anything out of line there would be harsh consequences. It wasn’t long before he became a priest like his father and a prime minister on top of that. But after years of fighting the sinning gypsies and watching one fall to her death, Frollo saw a tiny baby in her arms. Granted that the thing was misshapen and ugly, but it was a baby nonetheless and his mentor made him take the thing in and raise it as his own.

A self righteous man, Frollo forbid the boy he named Quasimodo from ever leaving their home. He told the boy he would be laughed at and mocked and tormented for being so hideous. All was well until Quasimodo snuck out one night and led Frollo to face his worst enemy; a young gypsy girl named Esmeralda. He couldn’t take the way she moved her slender body and the way she danced so easily and without fear. It was sinful and wrong and most of all; it drove him mad. He wanted her so badly it was sickening and he hated the way he craved her sun kissed skin. One day, he decided that if she wouldn’t be his then she would burn. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Burning someone alive would be a sin.

He kidnapped Esmeralda and when the authorities arrived her little brother called rape on him. Frollo was arrested and put on trial for not only kidnapping and attempted rape but also for his other crimes. Crimes such as the abuse of his adopted son, Quasimodo and the attempted murder of his nephew, Phoebus. Since it was just words that made Quasi scared and it wasn’t Frollo that had tried to kill Phoebus; he was let off the hook for those but lost both his titles and was forced to move away. Fortunately, he found that Esmeralda had been sent to a boarding school. Applying to be a teacher there, he was accepted as the World Religions teacher. Even if he did think every other religion was bullshit and science fiction.

Interested in Frollo? Lucky for you he is OPEN.

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